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Komplex abstrakt modell

Complex challenges. Intelligent solutions.

Glad kvinna på jobbintervju

Seven out of ten companies experience difficulties recruiting. We know why.

Skills supply remains a gigantic challenge for Swedish organisations. Current statistics indicate that as many as seven out of ten companies today experience difficulties recruiting employees.

Recruiting challenges are to be regarded as symptoms. Expanding and further developing your recruitment function is often a necessary – but seldom sufficient – first step. Unfortunately, many companies stop at this initial effort, with strongly negative consequences as a result.

In fact, most businesses also need to address the root causes of their skills supply being so challenging. Here, questions regarding brand, communication, culture, leadership, development, and others arise. We know the way forward.

Komplex abstrakt modell

What you need. At the right time. Nothing else.

Sjöstrand Axiotis helps organizations navigate all kinds of challenges related to their skills supply. However, we do not provide tired standard solutions. Instead, we tailor each delivery to the organization's specific conditions. The result is that, as our customer, you always receive exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

By default, all our assignments are confidential. We do not have any public customer list; we do not rely on our customers' brands for sales purposes, and we do not require our customers to function as references. For our deliveries, we utilize employees, and when the assignment requires it, a network of trusted consultants and partners. We welcome background checks and security screenings.

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